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New International Course for Advanced Students

Enrollments always open


The second session: the 28th, 29th of June 2024 and the 1st, the 2nd of July 2024
The third session and the final concert style exam: In the last week of February to the beginning of March 2025 (exact dates should be fixed after the second session)

Located in the heart of northern Italy, accademia Europea di Musica provides a very intensive, yet highly efficient course for music majored students all over the world.
Residing in the beautiful castle of Pomerio of 12th century, accademia Europea di Musica has a rich history of musical courses led by Lazar Berman, Natalia Trull, Bruno Canino and many more renowned musicians, continues its tradition with the new course of professional studies, giving precious lessons and some concert experience in a beautiful Italian historical villa, while the diploma is available upon the completion of required curriculum. 

  • Highly advanced level: This course is for students who have already been studying music performance.
  • Flexibility: The course is open all year around. The students don’t need to settle in Italy, but can stay in Italy just for each session.
  • Intensiveness: The course is divided into three or two sessions. The students must take 10 lessons in total and perform in public.
  • Experience: At the end of course, students have an opportunity to perform in a concert in a beautiful, historical Italian villa.
  • Diploma: After completing the required curriculum, the accademia Europea di Musica will issue the diploma.
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